The Forgotten-cover-XY.png

"An exceptional pianist […] the level of finesse, power and expressiveness that she displays in these recordings is phenomenal."

Carl Vine


"... just the final movement of the Piano Sonata No. 4 subtitled ‘Fury’ would be enough to bring any pianist to its knees."

Classical Music Sentinel


"Liu’s performances are an excellent advocate for each of these sonatas."



"I have a hard time imagining a better reading of these gems."

Classical-Modern Music Review


"A superb pianist who really gets into the heart of this music […] This is, then, not only an important release due to its being the first made of Vine’s sonatas but also a super rendition of them."

The Art Music Lounge


"Mostly dense, exuberant, extrovert writing, with some more restrained passages, they are brought to life in these committed performances from Xiaoya Liu."

Lark Reviews


"“The Forgotten” turns out to be unforgettable."